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   Turquoise House Gallery came about in a cultural way. You see, my uncle Bobby had told me a story of my Grandparents. Back in the 1980's, my uncle, his brother and my grandparents took off to Kingman, Arizona. My uncles wanted to see the Kingman turquoise mines. So their journey began to Kingman. Using Navajo prayers, they were led to the mines. They came upon a building that stored all the rough Kingman turquoise. They saw turquoise piled to the ceiling. In that moment my grandmother told of a Navajo legend that mentions a turquoise house. She said, "Is this what they call Turquoise House?" That story has stayed in my memory all these years. So this is how my Gallery got its name. Turquoise House Gallery is dedicated to our Navajo elders who's teaching continue thrive in the 21st century.    

To learn more about us visit www.darrylandrebeccabegay.com

Turquoise House Gallery
   We at Turquoise House Gallery are excited to bring you choice works by many leading artists in the field today. Quality Craftsmanship is a must and quality stones is also a must. Turquoise House Gallery,"Bringing exquisite Jewerly to your homes".

Darryl Dean Begay
     Greetings new friends and collectors. I am Darryl Dean Begay, Navajo jeweler. I have been a jeweler for over 15 years and along the way I have made friends with many artisans and jewelers across the United States and around the world. I have mentors that have helped me become who I am today. They are Bobby Begay, Raymond Yazzie, Vernon Haskie, and Verma Nequatewa. They all have instilled in me the love and appreciation of jewelry.
    My wife Rebecca and I have been blessed by our Almighty God with talent that allow us to further grow and become who we are destined to become. We use natural high grade American turquoise in our jewelry, such as Lone Mountain turquoise, Lander Blue turquoise, Bisbee turquoise, Morenci turquoise, and many more South West turquoise.
     To learn more about myself and my wife Rebecca Begay go to my website link above. I hope to do business with you and I appreciate you taking your time to visit our site. Take care.

 Darryl Dean Begay

Photo by Brian Leddy      
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